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Research - Optoelectronics

Optoelectronics is a key enabling technology for today's information based society. Fiber communications, which is a sub-area of optoelectronics, forms the broadband network backbone of the Internet and the backhaul network of wireless communications. Fiber communications encompass the generation, transmission, amplification, processing, monitoring, routing, and detection of optical signals. The use of optical techniques for advanced processing of signals offers unmatched performance in the processing speed while benefited from intrinsic parallelism, wide operation bandwidth, high serial throughput, transparence to data rates, modulation formats, and communication protocols.

Optical interconnects are already widely used in computer data centers because of their high bandwidth, long reach, smaller size and lower cost when compared with copper cables. An emerging area of technology is silicon photonics, which can potentially employ the technology of optical communications within on-chip networks to enable low power energy efficient high performance computers. Silicon photonics can potentially solve the bandwidth and power dissipation constraints of conventional electrical interconnects in microprocessors (current state of the art microprocessors today are limited in clock frequencies by the excessive heat generation of electrical interconnects when they are operated at clock frequencies in the tens of GHz, and hence, although CMOS circuits can switch at tens of GHz, microprocessors are currently limited to less than 10GHz clock frequencies).Silicon photonics is an integration technology that can also find applications in optical sensors. Research activities in the optoelectronics group encompass advanced coherent optical communication systems, optical and digital processing of communication signals, silicon photonics, and nanophotonic devices.

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