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The Laboratory


The laboratories of the optoelectronics group are located in rooms 303, 318-320 of the Ho Sin Hang Engineering Building. Research activitivies of the group concentrate mainly on components for fiber optic communications and ultrafast optoelectronic systems. Our research output have covered a wide range of topics including results on all-optical wavelength converters, reconfigurable add-drop switches, dispersion tuned lasers, high sensitivity autocorrelators based on two photon absorption in optical waveguides and terahertz detectors. Lists of recent publications from the group may be found at the homepages of Prof. K.T.Chan, Prof. C.Shu and Prof. H.K.Tsang.

Facilities and Equipment

The group is well equipped:

- Optical and Electrical Characterization Tools

Second Harmonic Autocorrelators. Optical Spectrum Analyzers Scanning Fabry-Perot spectrometer, 40GHz RF Frequency Synthesizer. 50GHz Digital Sampling Oscilloscope, Polarization Analyzer, etc.

- DWDM and other Optical Sources

Mode-locked Erbium-doped Fiber Laser/Erbium Fiber Amplifier, Femtosecond Ti-sapphire Laser, 5W Nd:YAG laser, etc.

- 10Gb/s Bit-error-rate Measurement Systems.

- Optical Waveguide Test Set

Precision Optical Alignment Stages and Infrared Imaging capability for the determination of properties of integrated-optic devices etc.