Photonics is a key enabling technology for today's information based society. The main applications of photonics is Optical Fiber Communications, but there are emerging applications in artificial intelligence hardware, quantum computing, quantum communications, LIDAR, and optical sensors. Optical fiber communications forms the broadband network backbone of the Internet and the backhaul network of wireless communications. Optical communications encompass the generation, transmission, amplification, processing, monitoring, routing, and detection of optical signals. The use of optical techniques for advanced processing of signals offers unmatched performance in the processing speed while benefited from intrinsic parallelism, wide operation bandwidth, high serial throughput, transparency to data rates, modulation formats, and communication protocols. Photonic Integrated circuits are key components for optical interconnects used in data centers and can be used for generating quantum entangled photons for use in quantum communications and quantum computing and advanced optical sensors. The research in the photonics laboratory includes all aspects of optical communications, photonic integrated circuits and their applications in quantum information processing and sensing.                                               

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